Benji and Chris are two full-time musicians based in Melbourne who are pushing the boundaries of their chosen instruments, electric guitar and chromatic harmonica.

The duo collaboration came about amidst a time of social isolation throughout 2020. They stumbled across a unique project which expresses life’s current highs and lows through original improvised music.

The aim is to record new compositions on a regular basis, and to share their newest works with the world. All contributions to support this project are greatly appreciated.

“The Missing Piece” – written by Benji in April of 2021. The song was composed as a dedication to Benji’s beloved dog Oscar who sadly passed away just a month prior.

Chris’ clear and warm sound forms the masterpiece they had in mind.

The Missing Piece


Throughout the height of the pandemic and amidst Melbourne’s many lockdowns, “To Darker Times” was born out of a dispirited state of mind. It now however acts as more of a tribute to 2020 – a time to reflect.

“To Darker Times”

This project was recorded on June 21st 2021 at Pughouse Studio, Melbourne. Sound engineer Niko Schäuble mixed and mastered the music within the same day of recording. Please visit his website and be overwhelmed by his welcoming and professional work attitude:

The wonderful harmonica business Harps-A-Breeze filmed and edited both videos :


Thank You


  1. I loved both of these pieces. Just laying back and relaxing while listening. Chris I’m used to your beautiful playing l find it quite just wonderful every time I hear it and Benji’s guitar playing is wonderful as well. Just Awesome Guys
    Robyn Moore

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